After school groups

Our after school groups offer friendship and support. They help build confidence and self esteem amongst some of the most vulnerable children in our society. Socialising with others who have similar life experiences can help reduce the sense of isolation sometimes associated with caring responsibilities. Peer support also offers young carers the opportunity to experience the everyday delights of childhood, which is an essential part of their growth and development.

The groups are held in a safe and supportive environment in which young people can be listened to and encouraged to identify their own needs, hopes and dreams for the future.

5 – 11 Years

JUBILEE                                –          BASED IN ASHTON           –           TUESDAYS 

GRASSHOPPERS                 –          BASED IN GOLBORNE      –           THURSDAYS 

TURTLES                              –          BASED IN LEIGH                –           THURSDAYS 

TRINITY STARS                    –          BASED IN WIGAN             –            WEDNESDAY 


12 – 16 Years

PARKSIDE                             –           BASED IN ASHTON           –          THURSDAY 

SUNSHINE                            –            BASED IN WIGAN              –          THURSDAY 

TRINITEENS                         –            BASED IN WIGAN             –           WEDNESDAY 

TURTLETEENS                     –            BASED IN LEIGH                –         THURSDAY 

THE ESTUARY                      –            BASED IN ATHERTON      –           THURSDAY 


16 – 24 Years

TRANSITION                       –             VARIOUS BASES               –          WEDNESDAY 

We have a dedicated team of volunteers and we endeavour to ensure that ALL eligible young carers throughout the borough can attend a group*

*We assess each young carer and allocate a group depending on need and availability.

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