Young Carer Assessment 

Under the Children and Families Act 2014, an actual or potential Young Carer has the right to an assessment of need.
WALYC are responsible for undertaking ALL the Young Carer Assessments in the Wigan Borough.  

A Young Carer’s assessment takes a holistic approach and will consider strengths as well as need.  An assessment may result in signposting or referral to other support services that we think could benefit the whole family.

Whole Family Support & Advice 

Young carers and their families do not always know where to go for help. You may not have realised that your child is a young carer, as it’s just part of your family life, or you may have hit a crisis point and don’t know where to turn.

We have over 18 years experience of working with young carers from as young as five, right through the teenage years and up to the point where they become independent adults. We can provide ongoing support and advice and a listening ear.

After school groups

Our after school groups offer friendship and support. They help build confidence and self esteem amongst some of the most vulnerable children in our society. Socialising with others who have similar life experiences can help reduce the sense of isolation sometimes associated with caring responsibilities. Peer support also offers young carers the opportunity to experience the everyday delights of childhood, which is an essential part of their growth and development.

The groups are held in a safe and supportive environment in which young people can be listened to and encouraged to identify their own needs, hopes and dreams for the future.

Over the past year we’ve visited Challenge for Change, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Chester Zoo and have also taken part in the national Children In Need fundraising night in Manchester. We’ve regularly attend local events like Superleague rugby matches and go bowling, cinema, roller skating and high ropes at Haigh Hall and many more. We were very fortunate to be able to obtain funding for two residential trips to Hinning House in Cumbria where our young carers enjoyed team building activites, water sports, orienteering and caving!

5 – 11 Years

JUBILEE                                –          ASHTON           –           TUESDAYS 

GRASSHOPPERS                 –          GOLBORNE      –           THURSDAYS 

TURTLES                              –          LEIGH                –           THURSDAYS 

TRINITY STARS                    –          WIGAN             –            WEDNESDAY 

12 – 16 Years

PARKSIDE                             –           ASHTON           –          THURSDAY 

SUNSHINE                            –            WIGAN              –          THURSDAY 

TURTLETEENS                     –            LEIGH                –         THURSDAY 

THE ESTUARY                      –            ATHERTON      –           THURSDAY 

 16 – 24 Years

TRANSITION                       –             VARIOUS BASES               –          WEDNESDAY MONTHLY

We have a dedicated team of volunteers and we endeavour to ensure that ALL eligible young carers throughout the borough can attend a group*

*We assess each young carer and allocate a group depending on need and availability.

Counselling & befriending support

We have a Befriending Scheme for those young carers who benefit from 1:1 support.

Our Charity recognises that caring responsibilities can have a negative impact on the emotional well being of young people.  We have funding to to offer a confidential counselling.

We also run regular ‘Chill Skills’ sessions which utilise approaches such as positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude and yoga.

Cookery classes

Our Charity has teamed up with Fur Clemt, Wigan who run Cook Club.  Here young carers are taught how to cook healthy and affordable meals.

One off activities & special events

Young carers registered with our scheme can join us on trips and special activities.

Holiday Lodge

We own a Holiday Lodge at Marton Mere, Blackpool (a Haven Site).  We are able to provide short breaks at reduced cost which enables a young carer and their family to enjoy a holiday, sometimes for the very first time.
A holiday provides a young carer with a much needed break from the every day stresses, mundane tasks and routines of daily life.

Our lodge sleeps up to six people (1 Double, 2 x 2 singles). It is well equipped and the Charity provides free Funwork passes to the facilities on the site.

The holiday season usually runs from March to November each year.

Families can apply for a short break as long as there is a child or young person within that family who undertakes a caring role.  School holiday periods are reserved for families with a Young Carer in them.

To make sure we have full occupancy in the school term weeks, we also offer to Adult Carers and Parent Carers too.