About Referrals

We follow the more inclusive definition from the Children and Families Act 2014, that embraces carers of siblings, not just young carers of adults.

A Young Carer is defined as:

“…a person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person. … this relates to care for any family member who is physically or mentally ill, frail elderly, disabled or misuses alcohol or substances.

Our service, also supports Young Adult Carers, who are in the 18-24 age range.

It is important to note that Caring is activity based.  A child or young adult is not simply a Young Carer because they live in a household with someone who has one or more of the above health conditions.  They have to be actively caring to be considered as a young carer.


Under the terms of the Children and Families Act an actual or potential Young Carer has the right to an assessment of need.

Thus, a referral to the charity is assumed to be a referral for two things:

  • A Statutory assessment of need as a Young Carer; and
  • A request for support via our respite services
    • No Young Carer is offered support without having been assessed first.

The prioritisation criteria are applied once an assessment has been undertaken and are not used to screen out referrals.   However, the criteria should be used to scope expectations about the level of support from us.

Assessment takes a whole family approach and will look at strengths as well as sticking points.  An assessment may result in referrals / recommendations to other services that we think will benefit the family.  We will inform the family if we think that other services are more appropriate than or own.

Referral Form

Below is our referral form for you to download and complete.

You can return the completed referral to us by secure email  to info@walyc.org.uk or via post to:
Private & Confidential, The Manager,  Patrick House, 58 Leigh Road, Leigh,
WN7 1QR.

Do not hesitate to phone the office on 01942 679352 if you wish to discuss this prior to sending.

Upon receipt of the referral, we will send an acknowledgement letter to the family, with additional information and we will arrange a home visit and a Young Carer’s Assessment as appropriate.

Click the link below to download the form.

Referral Form July 2018

The following document outlines the prioritisation criteria for longer term support set by our Trustees.  These should help you to manage expectations with children and families that you are referring to us. 

Eligibility Criteria January 2019