This page was originally set up to provide information about food for people shielding.  We have updated it to provide general information on low cost food services and food banks. 


If the information on this is wrong or outdated or you have something to add, email peter on with any updates. Last updated 22/12/2020

Food Banks 

Food banks issue food “hampers” to individual and families in financial distress.  They are accessible via vouchers, self referral or both.   Food is donated to Food banks, and everything is before sell by date. 

There are two main food banks in the Borough and they roughly correspond to the Leigh side and Wigan sides of the Borough.  

For more information on Wigan Council’s self referral for Welfare Support see the following page 

Food “Rescue” 

Food “rescue” services have two major aims.  To reduce short food becoming landfill waste and to provide lower cost food.   However, many food rescue services can provide free hampers in emergencies. 

Food at such services has variety of dates on it.  All of it is safe to eat.   Unlike Food Banks – who provide a “standard” food hamper the food can be more eclectic depending on what short dated food has been donated to the service.  However, they all have recurring stocks such as dairy, bread, fruit and veg etc.     

We know of three main Food Rescue centres in the Borough 

  • Fur Clemt (Wigan) Mon-Fri 10-15.30 (Web) (Faceboook)
  • The Bridge (Leigh), Mon-Fri 10-3.   (Web) (Facebook), £2 membership, renewable July. . 
  • Use Yer Loaf (Atherton) 9.30-2.30 Mon to Fri. Saturday 9- 3 (Web) (Facebook) £2 renewable October. 

* All three operate a membership scheme, which is typically £2 per year, renewal on a fixed date. 

People use food rescue: 1) to save money or 2) save food from landfill.   Or both!! 

Satellites, Pantries, ETC 


  • Both Higher Fold and Greengrass Community Centres are known as satellites of The Bridge 
    • Higher Folds shop opening hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12pm – 3pm
      Wednesday 1.30pm – 3pm, Saturday 12pm – 3pm
  • Neighbourhood Food Larder 30 bridge St and 39 Railway Rd (Facebook)
  • Tom’s Pantry, St James and St Thomas Church Poolstock (Facebook) (Have a suggested donation of £3 for 20 items. If you like us you can shop with is regular for a £5 annual membership but if you need a help just to get through the holidays you are welcome to come and pay us a visit. Come and belong let us bless with our harvest of good gifts)
  • Shevington Youth Club occasionally have some food on offer. 
  • Wigan and Leigh People First operate a small pantry (Facebook
  • Hindley PICKS, are a voluntary led group called ‘Hindley PICKS’. Our aim is to create a ‘Pop In Community Kitchen & Shop’ in partnership with Fur Clemt & Thrive CIC based in Hindley Library & Community Centre (Facebook), open 10am-2pm, Mon-Fri. 
  • Scouting For Food serve the areas of Beech Hill and Springfield.  (see this news article), £3 see Twitter @SFBHCommUnity

Above All 


Above all do not feel guilty about:

1) Needing food support. 
2) Not being able to donate yourself to food banks. 


If you can’t donate, promote.   Food banks and food rescue services are constantly in need of volunteers, liking  and sharing their posts on social media helps as well. 


We cannot guarantee that this is still in date. 





This is what we know about Supermarkets in the area. We will update when we know about Carer Friendly hours.

ALDI 8am to 8pm 10am to 4am 30 mins before opening. No Unknown 4 items  
ASDA 8am to 8pm 11-5pm in larger stores every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 9am. Yes – online shop   3 per item  
B&M ?? 10% off for NHS workers No Unknown    
COOP 7am to 8pm 8-9am No Unknown 2 per item  
HOME BARGAINS ??   No Unknown    
ICELAND Varies Last hour Yes, from instore shop Unknown Usually 2 items  
LIDL Standard   None No Unknown None yet    
M&S Standard   First hour No Unknown    
MORRISONS varies Mon-Sat 7-8am   Unknown 4 per item  
SAINBURYS 8am and 8pm 8am to 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday   YES 3 per item  
TESCO varies     Unknown 3 per item Checking ages

Hamper deliveries


Cast Northwest

Cobbs Brow Ln, Wigan WN8 7SF     Offer a food delivery service
The Stable Door Cafe Thompson House Equestrian Centre, Pepper Lane, Standish Wigan, United Kingdom   No Yes Call the stable door on 01257676076
or My-Life 01257472900
£15 Hampers will be delivered every Thursday.
Payment will be taken on ordering the hamper over the phone so no contact is needed.  
Top Banana Leigh Market, No Yes 07377738546 to order a veg and fruit box £30 Deliver to a 5 mile radius of leigh
Listers Master Butchers 15 Gas Street, Leigh No Yes – 🍗Monday- Leigh & Lowton
🍖Tuesday – Atherton, Tyldesley & Leigh
🥩Wednesday – Leigh Different prices for different sized hampers.  
Greenslate Farm Greenslate Lodge, Orrell, WN5 7BG No Yes   order food online Different prices for different sized hampers £7.50-£20 Can order fruit, veg and meat all separate tat different prices.
Boxed Fresh Veg Westhoughton No Yes message through facebook or Call , Text, Whatsapp 07880752456   £25 Deliver 10 miles of Westhoughton
Fruit and Veg Deliveries Leigh? No Yes call 07588327654 Large mixed box – £25 XL mixed box – £35 Deliver to Leigh, Atherton, Hindley, Golborne and Newton

Miscellaneous Suppliers

Bents Food Hall

8.30 -5pm

Grange farm

Pick up only.

Orders by 7pm., open for pickup between 9-3